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The future is here: e-invoicing

New Zealand and Australia are on the cusp of the transition to e-invoicing, the direct exchange of invoice data between suppliers and buyers financial systems.

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Reduce Costs

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Increase Accuracy

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Embrace Fast Processing

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Slash Errors and Loses

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Remove Manual Handling


Improve Business Relations

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Prevent Issues and Delays

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eInvoicing your way

Streamline’s e-invoicing is the smart way for your business to adopt e-invoicing. It complies with trans-Tasman e-invoicing framework and was developed with New Zealand and Australian businesses in mind.

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Quick Invoice Creation

Create e-invoices quickly and easily with an automated user interface.


Send and Receive

Enhance your workflow by applying business rules, user roles, approval and notification schemas.


Apply Business Rules

Enhance your workflow by applying business rules, user roles, approval and notification schemas.



Reduce archiving costs. Store your e-invoices without time limits.


Access Anywhere

Access your e-invoice data anytime and anywhere, using any device.



Integrate Streamline e-invoice into SAP, MYOB, Xero, Quickbooks and any other ERP or accounting system.



Peace of mind with powerful AWS security metrics incorporating segregated instances, periodic backups and disaster recovery features.


...and More

Streamline e-invoicing’s on-the-go updates and new features keep you up with the play.

You are in Trusted Hands

eInvoicing draws on more than a decade of experience in business and finance processing solutions.


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Why e-invoicing and invoicing by email aren’t the same thing?

If your business issues PDF invoices by email, you might have thought that’s pretty much e-invoicing. See here why this is not the case.

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How much can e-invoicing save your business? The answer: plenty.

Studies show that the average cost of a paper invoice is $25.67, a PDF invoice $23.01 and an e-invoice $7.63

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E-invoicing: EDI for everyone

Peppol paves the way for all businesses, no matter how small, to exchange e-invoices with customers and suppliers

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How E-invoicing speeds up payments

New Zealand Government agencies have undertaken to pay invoices received as an e-invoice within 10 days, a big improvement from the 30-90 day payment cycle.

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E-invoicing is in its early days. So was email not so long ago.

It’s early days for e-invoicing, for sure. Just like email once was, however, it’s the better solution that’s on the verge of going mainstream.

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e-Invoicing: The hard bit made easy

Streamline Business’ e-Invoicing solution exports data to your accounting or ERP system in the same way that your current scanning solution does today, but without the big upgrade costs

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